Benefits to Private Equity Funds
    ü  Opportunity to be part of an unprecedented and select  private equity relationship with many of the top regional accounting firms in the Northeast
    ü  Early access to deal flow from a source long felt to be out of reach and largely ignored
    ü  Increased likelihood of identifying potential acquisition targets prior to the initiation of a formal process
    ü  Deal Flow Initiative’s industry focus allows for deeper penetration into specific industry groups of accounting firms and their clients
    ü  Exposure to valuable services and products from top accounting firms
    ü  Leveraged model provides strong access to multiple accounting firms through one source
    ü  Access to a proven deal flow model with many years of success
      v  50 companies shown
      v  To over 100 private equity funds
    ü  Individual access and introductions to a wide number of accounting partners and managers
    ü  Access to any other deal flow that comes into Sutton Advisory Group through its numerous connections and relationships
    ü  Benefits of having a seasoned transaction professional acting as an agent and advisor for a select group of private equity funds
    ü  The Sutton Advisory Group Deal Flow Initiative is available to only a select number of private equity funds. 
      v  Extremely knowledgeable in the requirements of its private equity partners
      v  Provide greater value added during the screening and identification process

    Benefits to Accounting Firms

    ü  Early identification of clients considering exit event
    ü  Ability to exert control and influence on the process
    ü  Increased probability of maintaining the client in the post-exit environment
    ü  Incremental business potential, with a private equity sponsor, client may require increased accounting work
    ü  Secure additional pre-exit services such as preemptive due diligence, valuation and pre-exit business improvement (i.e. Clean up for sale)
    ü  Increased exposure to Private Equity funds
    ü  incremental PE fund or portfolio work that fits into geographic, industry or functional expertise
    ü  Complement existing firm capabilities with support from Sutton’s senior professionals for any private equity or M&A matters
    ü  Secure new clients by being able to deliver desired growth capital through the Sutton private equity network
    ü  Additional valued-added support to existing clients:
        v  Clients learn of the benefits of private equity options such as growth capital, “chips of the table”,  “Two bites at the apple” and effective estate planning options
        v  Industry focused private equity funds can provide valuable insight and advice regarding critical operating and industry parameters
        v  Clients assess the value of their company without sharing sensitive information with competitorsv  Clients get a third party assessment of the state of operations without sharing sensitive information with competitorsv  Execute an exit event without having to hire, and pay, an investment banker or business intermediary 

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