Helping Lower Middle Market Companies Navigate Through Critical Stages



Having spent over two decades supporting the financial and operational needs of private equity owned and privately-owned companies, Sutton has developed an expertise in assisting lower middle market and middle market companies through major transitional periods.


·       Distressed to Profitable

·       Supporting High Growth Transition Periods

·       Exit Preparation in the near or distant future


 Distressed to Profitable

Many companies experience difficult periods in their lifetimes.  In some cases, the path to profitability is just a matter of understanding the profit drivers (Incometrics™) and expense inefficiencies of their business to quickly correct course.  Having analyzed over 100 companies in over two decades, Sutton can often quickly identify your obstacles to profitability.

Also, having held senior financial and operational roles in numerous companies, Sutton’s senior consultants can assist in improving the various operational roadblocks to success including:

Interim Management

Supply chain management

Accounting and ERP systems

HR solutions

Financial Infrastructure

Working capital management

Effective outsourcing


High Growth Transition

In the lifecycle of a company, the greatest challenge comes when a company needs to grow from a closely held family/privately owned business to one which can sustain rapid growth.  It is during these times that the infrastructure set up when the company was formed is no longer sufficient to support its rapid growth.  Sutton has built financial and operational departments able to sustain those critical growth spurts.

·       Professionalize financial and accounting departments

·       Improve financial and operational systems

·       Identification of profit levers through detailed profit mapping (Incometrics™)

·       Supply chain management

·       Interim CFO and COO services



Exit Preparation

The best time to prepare for an exit tomorrow is today.  The value of a company is often based on the risk-adjusted multiple of cash flow, or EBITDA.  The less detailed or GAAP driven the financial statements, the more risk is applied to the results.  This can often result in companies selling for multiples of cash flow that are 1x to 2x less than similar companies with solid books and records.  Often buyers are looking for two to three years of professional financials to greatly reduce the risk.  That is why a company looking to sell in two years or more should start preparing today.  The Sutton team can quickly assess the deficiencies in your current accounting and reporting structure and present (and implement) those improvements necessary to maximize price on exit.

·       Preemptive Due Diligence

·       Recommendation of financial improvement plans

·       Implementation of financial improvement plans

·       Identification of profit levers through detailed profit mapping (Incometrics™)

·       Interim CFO and COO services


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